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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sorry for there being no post yesterday i have been sick with a 101.5 temperature so to attempt to make it up i decided to post up two videos today one is of a Canadian man well being attacked by a coyote the animal i don't think was trying to kill him but was trying to see what he was( if he was edible or not lol) and the second video is of this strange competition in south Korea competitive indoor fitness biking you have to see it to believe it

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello again, im still getting used to blogging so any tips are always appreciated. So i was browsing through Youtube wasting time and a came across some funny/strange videos. The first one i found was a video from japan called "Hard Gay" yes thats the name and no its not anything pornographic. The story is this man used to be a pro wrestler but he was injured during one of his matches so he started doing all sorts of things tv, commercials, events and even releasing a cd. This is a video from one of his many aperances in tv called       "HG Cooking"  he going around asking children what foods they dont like and eventually cooks some carrots for the children. I just thought it was strange besides the obvious fact that he is going around trusting the air is that the parents are totally cool with it, if this ever happened in America HG the show and anyone involved would get sued so fast it wouldnt even be funny. I guess that just goes to show you about the differences in culture of America and Japan. I hope you enjoy the video and look forward to anymore videos i happen to find

Cell Phones

So ive been looking at some cellphones lately i have a lg rumor touch from virgin mobile;  There is nothing wrong with the phone i have now but i am looking for an upgrade. Looking around for a good deal is always hard im not so sure on the whole 2 year contract thing so ive been on virgin mobile, they have a semi limited selection but they have a few good ones. The phones ive been looking at are the lg optimus v and the samsung intercept. The optimus v is a $150 android phone with a 600 MHz processor and is 4.47" x 2.32" x 0.52" i like the phone a lot but im used to a slid out qwerty keyboard. The other phone samsung intercept is a $200 android phone that has a 800 MHz processor and is 4.43" x 2.19" x 0.59" it has a slid out qwerty keyboard for texting. While the intersept has the faster processor believe it or not the optimus is the faster phone because of its second processor that handles all the apps. Overall i like the opimus v and i think that is the phone im going to get and i will just have to get used to using a virtual keyboard. If any of you guys have a new phone are looking for a new one or just want to talk please comment and tell me

Monday, February 14, 2011


This is my first post, i hope you all will enjoy my many post about different things. My blog will be about all things electronic anime and manga.... pretty much all things i like haha. I think that this blog will grow into a more focused form once i get the hang of blogging now what it becomes focused on only time will tell. Thank you for reading peace tell next time